Welcome to The Million Nurse March

Nurses and other health care workers have an ethical duty and a professional responsibility to act in the best interests of their patients at all times.

Limited health care resources and finances produce budgetary constraints that directly affect the health care practitioners ability to provide appropriate and necessary health care services. Overuse of the practitioners time and energy brought on by those budgetary constraints put – YOU – the health care consumer at risk.

Founded in 2000, the Million Nurse March was a national grassroots organization that evolved to focus on:

  • informing the public about inherent dangers in the methods of delivering health care at the time.
  • communicating a need for change in health care delivery through the concept of a ‘million voices’.
  • offering viable alternatives for the administration of health care.

The organization has come and gone, but with this website we aim to continue to provide valuable information to those interested in joining the nursing profession or currently working as a nurse. This site will provide information for CNAs, RNs and LNPs including training, testing, job resources and salary information. Over time we will expand this site to provide more and more resources so stay tuned.

To learn more about the history of the Million Nurse March follow the links below.